Joyful Goat Rentals
Goats are an eco-friendly way to clear weeds & overgrowth!
Joyful Goat Rentals
Our goats are available for photo shoots & special events!
Joyful Goat Rentals
From kudzu to poison ivy, our goats control vegetation.
Joyful Goat Rentals

No Herbicides

Goats clear and process vegetation like poison ivy, kudzu, privet, & more, without harmful chemicals.



Goats don't pollute the environment and naturally fertilize and enrich the soil as they work.

low cost


Renting goats can save you money compared to hiring laborers & machinery to clear your land.

Joyful Goat Rentals

FREE Estimates

We provide quotes for goat rental and land clearing in the Birmingham, Alabama metro area.

Goats for Hire: Benefits of Goatscaping

Our Process

Request A Quote

We'll start your job by providing an in-depth assessment of your property and needs. Our plan will take into account your terrain, existing fences or barriers and types of overgrowth.

Prepare The Site

We will survey your area and prepare the work space. This can include making sure existing fence is secure or adding temporary fencing to protect and contain the goats.

Bring In The Goats!

The goats will arrive and begin their 'work' immediately! They can navigate steep and rocky terrain with ease. Goats prefer to eat higher vegetation first and will stand on their back legs to reach it.

Clean Up & Breakdown

After the vegetation is cleared, we will remove temporary fencing. We can manually cut, trim or pull out any additional vegetation for an even cleaner finish.

Birmingham, Alabama