Goatscaping: How It Works

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We'll start your job by providing an in-depth assessment of your property and needs. Our plan will take into account your terrain, existing fences or barriers and types of overgrowth.

Prepare The Site

We will survey your area and prepare the work space. This can include making sure existing fence is secure or adding temporary fencing to protect and contain the goats.

Bring In The Goats!

The goats will arrive and begin their 'work' immediately! They can navigate steep and rocky terrain with ease. Goats prefer to eat higher vegetation first and will stand on their back legs to reach it.

Clean Up & Breakdown

After the vegetation is cleared, we will remove temporary fencing. We can manually cut, trim or pull out any additional vegetation for an even cleaner finish.

Our Pricing

Tier 1

Light grazing & regular terrain

Fencing - Existing 4ft+
Size - typical back yard 1/16th acre
Terrain - flat, no obstructions
Vegetation depth - 2 to 4ft

Tier 2

Clearing & medium terrain

Fencing - Needs partial or full
Size - same or larger than Tier 1
Terrain - irregular, some slopes
Vegetation depth - 2 to 6ft

Tier 3

Overgrowth & rough terrain

Fencing - partial or full
Size - 1/2-2+ acres
Terrain - steep slopes, impassable
Vegetation depth - 2 to 6ft+


Q: Do you come to my area?

We currently serve the Birmingham, Alabama metro area.  Additional areas will be taken into consideration on a case-by-case basis. We do have a waiting list at this time, so please be patient and we will contact you as soon as goats are available.

Q: Do I need to have a fence?

You do not need to have a fence, however it will save money if you do have one.  The fence must be sturdy, without holes or gaps and at least 4 feet tall.  We will inspect any existing fence before the goats will be brought in. If a fence is not already in place, we will install a temporary boundary fence for the goats.  

Q: Is the clearing permanent?

As with any landscape or land clearing company, plants will eventually grow back if their roots are not removed. Ivy, kudzu, and other weeds are persistent and will likely take several visits to shock the plants enough to stop photosynthesis and kill the plant. The first visit is to  clear years of growth and is therefore the biggest — where future maintenance visits tend to be less involved. We also offer landscaping solutions to help prevent the growth of invasive species.  

Q: Are the goats friendly? Can we play with them?

Our goats are very friendly but care must be taken not to interfere with the goats while they are eating (as with any animal).  Some of the larger bucks can get aggressive with the other goats at mealtime and it’s not a good idea to stand next to them at this time.  Care must be taken to watch children around the goats, as their horns are at eye-level.

Q: Will the goats mow my yard?

Goats will not mow the yard as they are unable to use push or riding mowers.  Ha!  Goat are not naturally drawn to eating grass, as they eat from eye level up and then work their way down to the ground.  The will eat higher foliage first and will eat grass as a last resort.  

Q: What will I need to do to care for the goats?

You will responsible for keeping them supplied with clean water. Hose water is fine, it’s just nice to rinse out the container between refills. We may leave an extra bale of hay with you and ask you to put it in their enclosure after we leave. Other than that, just a daily head count, keeping an eye out for symptoms of illness (we’ll provide a list) and making sure their fence is still secure is all there is. 

Q: How long does it take?

Depending on the size of your lot, we will either rent out the whole herd or half the herd. Our whole herd usually clears out most backyards in 5-7 days.   

Q: What does it cost?

Please see our Pricing Guide.