Benefits of Goatscaping

Joyful Goat Rentals

Using goats to clear land uses the herd’s natural instincts: eating and processing almost everything in it’s path!  Goats make it possible to clear land without using harmful chemicals and toxins that seep into the ground and harm water supplies, soil and wildlife. 

Goats can easily navigate steep, rocky and rough terrain that can be difficult for machines and laborers. Goatscaping is a natural solution for weeds, overgrown brush, dangerous plants like poison ivy, poison sumac, & invasive species like kudzu.  As the goat eats, seeds are processed and  sterilized, preventing the spread of invasive and unwanted species.  Keep in mind, goats will eat most plants in the area and cannot distinguish between valuable or landscaped foliage.

Goats Are The  Best Option For:

Overgrown commercial, residential & rural properties
Land covered in poison ivy, sumac, invasive species, kudzu, english ivy & more
Properties that are not landscaped or have valuable plants on them.
Land that has not recently been sprayed with chemicals
Land without toxic-to-goat plant species
Fenced areas or we can add temporary fencing

Our Process

Request A Quote

We'll start your job by providing an in-depth assessment of your property and needs. Our plan will take into account your terrain, existing fences or barriers and types of overgrowth.

Prepare The Site

We will survey your area and prepare the work space. This can include making sure existing fence is secure or adding temporary fencing to protect and contain the goats.

Bring In The Goats!

The goats will arrive and begin their 'work' immediately! They can navigate steep and rocky terrain with ease. Goats prefer to eat higher vegetation first and will stand on their back legs to reach it.

Clean Up & Breakdown

After the vegetation is cleared, we will remove temporary fencing. We can manually cut, trim or pull out any additional vegetation for an even cleaner finish.